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Our repairing services include

Water damage repair:
 Water damage can cause problems with the internal circuits of your phone. This can leave the phone unusable and damaged. Even if it's working normally, you have to clean it to make sure that there is no water inside the phone. We have experts that can remove water and can save your phone from damage without affecting sensitive parts of your phone.

Phone Unlocking:
 Some mobile networks lock mobile devices from accessing their network. Mobile devices in such cases get locked to certain networks and cannot access those networks. With our services, you can get your phone unlocked and then you can access important carriers of any country. We can unlock all makes and models of the phone quickly and efficiently.

Broken glass repair:
 Latest devices available in the market are very sensitive, and it is very normal to get their screen damaged with a single fall. But there is nothing to worry about because you can get your broken glass replaced from our trusted experts. We have trained engineers in the technical team that can repair even the most sensitive screens.

LCD Replacement:
 Even the highest quality LCDs get damaged when disposed to high voltages. Although it is very heartbroken for mobile users, we are here to the rescue. Provide us with the details and the model of your phone, and we will install a brand new LCD to your smartphone.

Smart Phone repair:
 There can be many other hardware problems that you can face with your smartphone. It can a headphone jack or a charging port problem that you are dealing with. Whatever your problem is, we have a solution for it. You can get all kinds of repairing services from Express Top iPhone repair experts.